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Customers Who Joined The Soma Revolution

Don't just take it from us - Hear how we have changed lives

  • Adam D’Angelo

    Adam D’AngeloQuora CEO

    I tried a lot of high end office chairs and settled on a Soma Comfort tall back chair. I am tall and have RSI and both of those affected my choice so it might not be the best for you, but it’s definitely worth trying out.

  • Diana Nichols

    Diana NicholsCourt Reporter

    I love the chair, and my massage therapist hates it because he never sees me anymore. Yay! No more botox injections for the neck and shoulders!

  • Holly Woods

    Holly Woods PhD Master Life Coach

    Some days I can literally sit for 12 to 15 hours in a single day. My Soma chair is the first chair I have ever had in my 30 year career that I can sit in all day and be comfortable and productive without pain.

  • Kevin Der

    Kevin DerQuora Engineer

    I have a customized Soma Comfort chair. It’s modular, so you can pick and choose the parts you want and it’s much more comfortable than any other chair I’ve used, including the Herman Miller chairs

  • Deb Dutcher

    Deb DutcherAuthor of "101 success"

    My butt totally thanks you! I love my chair! It is beyond comfortable. Like sitting on a cloud. And you can quote me. I wrote my best-seller sitting on this chair. It is in my favorite red color. It is wonderful!

We're changing the industry of “Ergonomics”, which doesn’t have any standards, and establishing a new definition of body performance

Clinically Proven

Clinically Proven

REAL ergonomic design that's CLINICALLY PROVEN to increase spine and hip alignment, improve bloodflow to the brain, reduce stress, and prevent injury

Eco Sustainable

Eco Sustainable

The only chairs designed in Silicon Valley & made in California, USA. And with top quality, nontoxic, recycled & recyclable materials. Our mission is to meet the vitality of individual bodies, corporate bodies, and the environmental body we all live in.

WorkPlace Innovation

WorkPlace Innovation

PROVEN RETURN ON YOUR INVESTMENT from leading-edge materials, anatomical optimization features, and a modular posture system that actually increases health and prevents injury [Check out our case studies!]

The Proof is in the Posture

Soma Chairs are scientifically-designed to optimize the freedom in your body and mind, while you work. The popular structure of chairs restricts your breathing and increases stress from your shoulder and hip alignment. Soma’s founder is changing the industry of “Ergonomics”, which doesn’t have any standards, by establishing a new definition of design for the body, through future-forward anatomical alignment research.

Industry-Leading Materials

  • Organic Nettle, Wool, Cotton and Hemp fabrics
  • Natural Latex Cushioning
  • No fire retardant chemicals
  • Formaldehyde free and water based glue
  • Recycled and recyclable fabrics, aluminium and steel
  • Complete take back recycling & refurbishing program

Our Signature Backrest actually reduces heart rate by 5-8 beats/minute.

Your upper back, chest, and diaphragm are allowed to be in their natural optimized postures so your body respiration, circulation, and internal organs can work optimally! Feel your energy flow more easily than ever at work.
Different looking for scientifically proven beneficial reasons. Once you experience the superior combination of real freedom, support and alignment you’ll switch to Soma forever.

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