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Welcome to Soma Ergonomics and the industry leading comfort, clinically proven injury preventing and performance enhancing support of REAL Ergonomic Soma Chairs, desks and Cricket Wireless Sensors. Soma is an open systems company, and as many software writers know, “Open systems work better.” All other ergonomic chair manufacturers are what we call closed systems companies and when working with Soma, you will find many advantages to open systems.


Supporting the body doesn’t stop at the individual. Soma supports the body of a company by improving body-vitality that contributes to the bottom line, and helps meet the diverse needs of their teams. We make all products from meticulously selected environmentally-sustainable materials, to protect the body of the world we live in.

Officially founded and incorporated in 1994, in the heart of world innovation, Silicon Valley, California, Soma has established itself as an innovation design leader in the office furniture industry with even top competitors complementing us by making their own chairs more like Soma Chairs. Why? Customers prefer the Real Ergonomic comfort, support and clinically proven injury prevention of Soma chairs over others 9 times out of 10. Most chairs are not really ergonomic, nor do they have features clinically proven to prevent repetitive strain injuries. Soma chairs do, and are based on the results of the best real world research. In addition, SOMA continually incorporates into our product design and development what we learn from our ongoing innovative research. The result is what are some of the world’s best ergonomic products. And that is not all. SOMA products are part of an innovative, integral design process, in which both the immediate external workplace and the person’s internal psychological and physiological state/conditioning is strongly considered and supported

SOMA ergonomics provides the best Real ergonomic products and services—
both standard and open custom system seating as well as quick turn around; drop shipping; environmentally sustainable materials; state-of-the-art training; and, most importantly, flexibility to meet the specific needs of each customer.
This web site presents a blend of once never before seen forms that are anatomically correct and ergonomically designed to provide the most comfort and injury prevention/well being by specifically supporting a person’s natural dynamic posture. Welcome to SOMA and Real Ergonomic Products…

More About Soma Body-Science
Soma was born from a vision to bring people into the full potential of their bodies & minds –– our bodies that work so hard to keep our hearts pumping and oxygen flowing, so we can live the lives we want, thrive in the work that gets us there, and contribute to our world.

Soma’s founder and principal designer saw that the technology we spend a majority of our lives with, our work chair, wasn’t being built for the ideal alignment, nor the diverse builds of people’s bodies. Like the term “environmentally-friendly”, the term “ergonomic” isn’t regulated. And the ergonomic industry hasn’t discovered the importance of an open, liberated upper body posture.

So Soma is leading the industry in BODY-science –– since 1989 we’ve been developing products based on expert research of physicians, physical therapists and clinicians with the best records of successfully preventing and healing neck, back, shoulder, and hip pain and injury to support optimal body performance & health so you and your organization can thrive.

SomaChairs™ have been recognized by world class ergonomic experts to be some of the best available. How good? So good that competitors have paid us the highest compliment by imitating some of our designs. What was once “different” is the leading edge. And we are a learning organization so we constantly improve and innovate everything we make so you can be sure Soma’s products are really ergonomic and really help enhance your comfort health and performance and that is: Why Soma? Real ergonomics, from a company that does real research and really cares about enhancing your comfort, health and performance!

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