Find Your Fit.


To identify the best chair for you and save money answer these 3 questions.

1. What is your work style / What you do and how you do it? For example, you sit for 4 to 8 hours a day, slightly reclined typing and mousing or you sit 1 to 2 hours a day and get up every 20 minutes, sitting very upright or leaning forward, typing or assembling

2. What is your height, weight, and build? eg. 5’-8”,175 lbs athletic build or pear-shaped, or longer torso shorter legs, wide upper back, or 6’-3”, 210 lbs average build shorter torso longer legs or 5’-4” tall, 115 lbs. slender build

3. Do you have any injuries or specific comfort preferences? eg. sciatica, lower back pain, tail bone pain, Carpal tunnel, or another Repetitive strain injury.

With the answers to these three questions, you have the best way to get a chair that will support you and give you more comfort, health, performance, and productivity for many years. Anyone who tells you differently is lying to you.

This will help you avoid selecting the wrong chair and wasting money. A lot of people think a good chair is a mesh chair. Is it for you? Mesh chairs are only good if you are 5’-8″ to 6’-1” with a wide back / broad shoulders and you get really hot when you sit and are not sensitive to pressure points and you sit reclined with your arms forward to work. Even then Mesh chairs put your upper back in a bad posture, cut off circulation, have harmful pressure points and hard edges that promote injury, and even wear out or damage your clothes. These are all real problems that most people do not know about but become really obvious when you sit in a better chair for you. Here you will see that there are better ways to stay and look cool such as a Soma chair with an Air Seat. Now let’s find your fit.

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