About SomaSupport™

Real Ergonomics Especially designed for forward task postures

SomaSupport™ is the real ergonomic chair for the budget conscious. It benefits from Soma’s innovative Two-Part-Seats™ and Cut-Away Backrests™ with ThorSac™ so you still get great RSI prevention and back support, but it is made of more imported components, for a lower cost. SomaSupport™ seats are the same width and depth as SomaComfort™ seats, but firmer, without seams and with an enhanced two-part seat™. The 6 seat sizes offer the firmest support and with the enhanced two-part seat™ allow for a comfort enhancing ease of motion and open natural posture, making under thigh pressure disappear. You’ll especially love it if you sit upright and lean into your work.

More than a chair, a modular chair system
  • Angle adjustable, Rocking or Synchro tilt with infinite lock, forward tilt, back angle adjust seat depth
  • Innovative muscle relaxing backrests
  • Large sleek 5 leg base
  • Environmentally friendly, with formaldehyde-free seat shells, highest quality CFC-free cushions and organic fabric options
  • Easy-to-Reach adjustments
  • 12-Year Warranty

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